'On behalf of Artisan Markets I would like to thank you for your fabulous performances at our September and November events. Tim, you are a truly amazing talent and have a wonderful voice. The feedback we received from our visitors about your performances was superb, they very much enjoyed listening to your music. We wish you all the success for the future and hope you will join us again at future events.'

Victoria Jackson


Artisan Markets





'This is definitely theatre at its most moving.'

'A beautiful gift to music theatre.'

'Lovely interplay between the visuals, the music and the performer.'

'The performers were compelling.'

'Extraordinary imagery adding to the whole.'

'All the elements supported each other.'

'Pitch perfect on every level.'

'The piece feels so complete, incredibly satisfying.'

'A very natural translation.'

'An honest and respectful text.'


'Full of anger and euphoria but never the easy answer or the easy emotion.'

'Everyone can make a personal connection to this show.'

'A play that gives a truth and a simple reality to life. I will never forget it, it will go away with me. Thank you for this evening.'




If you move quick (it may already be too late), you might be able to pick up the deluxe edition which includes In May, Hannon’s second involvement in operetta, in which he scores (and here sings) the words of Frank Alva Buecheler’s play in the form of letters from a son to father as he grapples with terminal cancer. It’s in stark contrast from the main album. It’s not without humour, but it is black humour and the tale is sad and tragic and often harrowing as hope is lost, sometimes rekindled and finally extinguished. It’s a tough listen because of the subject matter but it’s gripping and very good. Song cycles (as they’re often referred to) are often hard work and a struggle to get through, not this one, however; its tale draws you in and you desire to see how this plays out. It’d be a shame if this is only ever available only via this limited deluxe CD set as it deserves a much larger audience.


Oct 2016 Richer Sounds Review of 'In May'





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